Puresaf Desgin

Bizim Evler 5

Bizim evler 5

Located in the heart of Istanbul’s Bahçeşehir Area, within the prestigious Bizim Evler 5 complex, we proudly present our designed and renovated apartment. Inspired by the enchanting Moroccan style, we’ve infused every space with a touch of elegance.

Using fine wood, we’ve transformed the living room, salon, kitchen, and bedroom into havens of comfort and aesthetics. The living room, in particular, embodies the vibrant Moroccan spirit, combining rich colors and intricate patterns to create an inviting atmosphere.

Our aim is simple: to create a space where design and functionality coexist harmoniously. Join us in experiencing the captivating allure of Moroccan inspiration, woven seamlessly into the fabric of our Bahçeşehir home.



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Prism elit in.

Living Room.

Prism elit in.