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Commercial center

Commercial Center in Libya

Introducing our exceptional administrative building project in Tripoli, Libya! Situated at the crossroads of three main streets, each spanning 9 meters wide, this project boasts an outstanding location.

Our design stands out with its distinctive features, seamlessly blending in with the natural surroundings. The chosen materials are not only pleasing to the eye but also practical, requiring easy maintenance throughout every season. Notably, we’ve utilized aluminum-plastic composite panels (Alucobond) for the façade, known for their flexibility, lightweight nature, and elegant appearance. Additionally, insulated glass panels ensure both sound and heat insulation.

This building encompasses four floors and an extra rooftop level, along with a basement floor that houses all essential services. You’ll find not just one, but two separate entrances. The primary entrance, facing the project’s front street, welcomes you, while another entrance caters specifically to esteemed personalities. We’ve also added a third entrance for vehicles, reinforced with automatic hydraulic bollards on the perimeter wall, ensuring controlled vehicle access.

Safety is paramount, so we’ve included two security cabins along the perimeter wall, each accommodating a security personnel for entrance control. Outside spaces have been ingeniously utilized, enhancing the aesthetic charm of the façades while making efficient use of the surroundings.

Every detail of this building has been thoughtfully crafted to transform it into a distinguished landmark within the region. Welcome to a project that not only blends in but stands out in the heart of Tripoli.





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